50 Years Goethe Institut Hongkong

Booklet Design

48pp. and 4pp. cover
two editions;
bi-lingual in English and Chinese (traditional/simplified);
soft cover;
printed in Hong Kong
The prominent German cultural…

the Schokoladen Catalogue


Exhibition Catalogue
80 pages, soft cover
in English
ISBN 978-988-17635-4-9

What can we do out of a food that people love? Artists Cornelia Erdmann and Brendan …

IPO Helen Grace


Book Publishing

Book, 80 pages, hardcover, in English language
ISBN 978-988-7635-2-5

Taken from the Preface by Yeung Yang:
At every extreme lies an impasse that silently waits for invalidation.…

Preoccupations: Things Artists Do Anyway


Book Publishing

A book, 252 pp, hardcover,
printed in Hong Kong
ISBN 978-988-7635-1-8

Preoccupations: Things Artists Do Anyway is a bookwork that explores the preoccupations of artists when they…