Corporate Design – Kathy Kitzis


Graphic Design
Corporate Identity
Business Cards

For a client a CI for different businesses was developed. The two businesses are of dieffernt nature but are carried out in the…

Banner Design for Yuk King Tan


Graphic Design

Banner Design for Yuk King Tan
Design for 6 vinyl banners for the artist Yuk King Tan

For the university orientation weeks the artist Yuk King Tan…
Manuals for DSI

Layout Manuals for Translation Company


Graphic design
Layouts in Several Languages

For a translation company I layout manuals for different products, mainly toys in different languages: i.e. French, German, Dutch, Polish and Hungarian. Sometimes,…

Preoccupations: Things Artists Do Anyway


Book Publishing

A book, 252 pp, hardcover,
printed in Hong Kong
ISBN 978-988-7635-1-8

Preoccupations: Things Artists Do Anyway is a bookwork that explores the preoccupations of artists when they…



Kids’ Products

Soft toys
approx. 30 cm x 15cm
Fabrics, acrylic stuffing, buttons, thread

A series of unique soft toy monsters, hand made and done with love!

Each monster…

Mobility – Chinese is a Plus


Exhibition curated
Artists: Sylvie Boisseau & Frank Westermeyer

Within the programme of the French May 2008 the exhibition «Mobility – Chinese is a Plus» was presented at the gallery…